Death Ship / Mrtva ladja (1971)

2400m / fiction feature, Feature Film

The holiday romance of Daniel and Marjana is disturbed by a premonition of an imminent fatal event. In this vision, the beloved accompanies her lover on an arduous and wearisome voyage by sea and when the situation seems most desperate, a mysterious ship suddenly appears on the horizon. Will Daniel and Marjana succeed in finding the key to the mystery, or will the mystery succeed in drawing them into its grip and in blurring the boundaries between fiction and reality?


Leopold Polde Bibič
Radko Polič
Franc Uršič
Milena Zupančič

Film crew

Director: Rajko Ranfl
Screenwriter: Rajko Ranfl
Screenplay Adaptation: Andrej Hieng
D.O.P.: Jure Pervanje
Music author: Urban Koder
Editor: Pika Lukežič
Cameraman: Jure Pervanje
Sound recordist: Marjan Meglič
Production Manager: Tomo Ivanovič


Production Company: Slovenija film - Ljubljana, Filmski studio Viba film Ljubljana
Distribution: Filmski studio Viba film Ljubljana

Technical data

Film format: 35mm
Aspect ratio: /
Colours: b&w
Sound: comopt, mono