Temptations / Iskanja (1979)

2950m / fiction feature, Feature Film

It is the beginning of the 20th century and Ciril, who is an art historian, and his friend Fritz are touring northern Italy. Venice, Milano, Lago di Garda and Florence see the lives of Ciril and Franc and the two ladies accompanying them entwine and separate. Like muses, the two women give the men inspiration for their intellectualised and complicated lives, and at the same time, force them to find newer and deeper meaning. Will Fritz find the ultimate answers he seeks in Renaissance art and will Ciril be changed forever by his relationship with a woman? The film is in essence one of the few Slovene fin de siecle novels, S poti (Of a Journey), decanted into Klopčič's poetry of beautiful Italian landscape peysages, inlaid with complex characters and inserts that could well belong to famous literary works.


Leopold Polde Bibič
Demeter Bitenc
Peter Boštjančič
Bogdana Bratuž
Boris Cavazza
Štefka Drolc
Jana Habjan
Jasna Hribernik
Boris Juh
Majda Kohek
Andrej Kurent
Jožko Lukeš
Zvezdana Mlakar
Milena Muhič
Anton Petje
Tanja Poberžnik
Radko Polič
Bert Sotlar
Maja Šugman
Matjaž Turk
Iva Zupančič
Milena Zupančič

Film crew

Director: Matjaž Klopčič
Screenwriter: Marko Slodnjak
Based on original story by: Izidor Cankar
Screenplay Adaptation: Matjaž Klopčič
D.O.P.: Tomislav Pinter
Music author: Urban Koder
Production designer: Niko Matul
Costume Designer: Alenka Bartl
Editor: Darinka Peršin
Makeup Artist: Berta Meglič, Anka Vilhar
Assistant director: Carlo Montanaro, Peter Zobec
Photoghraph: Valentin Tine Perko
Sound recordist: Marjan Meglič
Production Manager: Ivan Mažgon


Production Company: Vesna film - Ljubljana, Filmski studio Viba film Ljubljana
Distribution: Filmski studio Viba film Ljubljana

Technical data

Film format: 35mm
Aspect ratio: /
Colours: color
Sound: unknown