The Queen of Hearts / Srčna dama (1991)

2682m / fiction feature, Feature Film

At the beginning there was a game of cards. And a defeat, terrible defeat... Frenk is thirty years old. Every evening he comes home from the printing office with a morning paper in his hands. At home, he is expected by the sad, silent looks of his wife Palma and also by sparkling eyes of his eight years old daughter Pia, who longs for fairly tales. The fairly tales turns into a crime story, when a strange, uninvited men enters the film. He needs but a few words to persuade Frenk into cards again. In the middle there is a game of cards and the fairy tale comes true: Corsica becomes the mysterious island on which Frenk and his daughter Pia, the old photographer Piero and the sweet mermaid   Michele are living. But uninvited look cannot be escaped. Will the fairy tale grow into a crime story again?


Norbert Antonini
Ivo Ban
Faruk Begolli
Svetozar Cvetković
Jacques Pedro de Zordo
Nathalie Devaux
Janez Rifle Hočevar
Severine Jacquel
Ivana Kreft
Gojmir Lešnjak
Jean Pierre Mariani
Vladislava Vladica Milosavljević
Mustafa Nadarević
Petre Nikolov
Ivica Pajer
Metod Pevec
Lučka Počkaj
Radko Polič
Majda Potokar
Tanja Ribič
Jean Simon Savelli
Violeta Tomič
Janez Vrhovec

Film crew

Director: Boris Jurjaševič
Screenwriter: Jože Dolmark, Stojan Pelko
Screenplay Consultant: Zdravko Duša
Story editor: Zdenko Vrdlovec
Dialogues: Michel Chion
D.O.P.: Zoran Hochstaetter
Music author: Slavko Avsenik ml.
Production designer: Dušan Milavec
Costume Designer: Zvonka Makuc
Editor: Stanko Kostanjevec
Makeup Artist: Gabrijela Fleischman
Assistant director: Janko Belin, Irena Bilić, Damir Čengić, Slobodan Golubović, Maja Weiss
Cameraman: Zoran Hochstaetter, Dušan Ninkov, Valentin Tine Perko, Boris Turković
Photoghraph: Mišo Hochstaetter
Sound recordist: Hanna Preuss Slak
Producer: Danijel Hočevar
Production Manager: Petre Nikolov


Music Performer: Camerata Labacensis
Production Company: E-Motion film - Ljubljana, Filmski studio Viba film Ljubljana
Distribution: Filmski studio Viba film Ljubljana

Technical data

Film format: 35mm
Aspect ratio: /
Colours: color
Sound: unknown