Remington / Remington (1988)

2188m / fiction feature, Feature Film

Oscar escapes from prison only five days before the expiration of his sentence. Together with his girlfriend Lana they take off for Split in his red car, intending to escape to America via Italy. On the way, they meet the photographer Jan who joins them. Their goal seems to be drawing closer by the day, but the police start gaining on them and Oscar starts having doubts about Jan. Yet it is with Jan's help that all doors to escape are suddenly open to them. At the last moment, though, Oscar has doubts about their plan and hesitates. Lana goes on nonetheless and boards a ship anchored in the harbour. Soon, however, it becomes evident that Oscar's hesitancy was only a ruse to throw their pursuers off the track. Oscar's plan is to wait until the last possible moment before joining Lana on board. Will the couple succeed in setting sail for the land of their dreams?


Leopold Polde Bibič
Lara Bohinc
Bernarda Oman
Metod Pevec
Jožef Ropoša
Sofija Simić
Rasim Softić
Mario Šelih
Ljuba Tadić
Andres Valdes

Film crew

Director: Damjan Kozole
Screenwriter: Damjan Kozole, Nebojša Pajkić
Story editor: Jože Dolmark, Stojan Pelko
D.O.P.: Andrej Lupinc
Music author: Slavko Avsenik ml.
Production designer: Kosta Bunuševac
Costume Designer: Luka Žan
Editor: Dušan Povh
Makeup Artist: Alenka Nahtigal
Assistant director: Anita Lopojda
Cameraman: Andrej Lupinc
Photoghraph: Ljubomir Stamenković, Jože Suhadolnik
Sound recordist: Marjan Horvat
Songwriter (Music): Slavko Avsenik ml.
Producer: Danijel Hočevar
Production Manager: Petre Nikolov, Franc Retelj


Singer/Performer: Quod Masacre
Production Company: Avala film - Beograd, E-Motion film - Ljubljana
Distribution: E-Motion film - Ljubljana

Technical data

Film format: 35mm
Aspect ratio: /
Colours: color
Sound: unknown