The Fatal Telephone Call / Usodni telefon (1987)

2000m / fiction feature, Feature Film

Two friends and room-mates, Tomaž and Igor, are almost finished with the editing of a feature film on the modern world, modern times and the people inhabiting it. While working on the project, Igor is satisfied with having only occasional and purely sexual encounters, while Matjaž maintains a relationship with a mysterious woman over the telephone, by voice only. When the sound editing of the film is also complete, Igor is not satisfied with it. Deciding there is just one touch missing, he records and incorporates Matjaž's telephone conversation with the mysterious woman. Even though Matjaž is offended, his wish comes true and the girl from the telephone agrees to go on a date with him. Plus, the film now feels perfect. Only a perfect film can lead to a perfect love and only perfect love can lead to the making of a perfect film.


Brane Atanaskovič
Peter Barbarič
Mira Berginc
Brane Bitenc
Roman Dečman
Alenka Dolinar
Jože Dolmark
Andrew Horn
Anita Lopojda
Andrej Lupinc
Dušan Merklin
Marija Mlinarič
Marjan Max Osole
Radmila Pavlović
Franci Slak
Jeremi Slak
Miran Šušteršič
Iztok Turk
Nada Vodušek
Nadja Zgonik
Tadej Zupančič
Vinci Vogue Anžlovar

Film crew

Director: Damjan Kozole
Screenwriter: Damjan Kozole
Screenplay Consultant: Stojan Pelko
D.O.P.: Andrej Lupinc
Production designer: Roman Bahovec
Costume Designer: Alan Hranitelj
Editor: Vesna Lažeta
Makeup Artist: Alan Hranitelj
Assistant director: Anita Lopojda
Photoghraph: Siniša Lopojda
Sound recordist: Hanna Preuss Slak
Production Manager: Danijel Hočevar


Music author: Otroci socializma
Production Company: Filmoteka 16 - Zagreb, E-Motion film - Ljubljana
Distribution: E-Motion film - Ljubljana

Technical data

Film format: 16mm/35mm
Aspect ratio: 1:1,37
Colours: b&w
Sound: unknown