Avenge / Krvno maščevanje (2019)

90’ + 52’ / documentary, unknown

In the remote mountains of Albania, a young girl intercepts a bullet intended for her father, and is shot dead. Although the killer is in prison, the grieving father is now expected to either forgive her daughter's blood to the killer's family, his own neighboring relatives, or avenge her death by taking a life himself – according to the centuries-old Albanian custom of honor revenge killings, whose echoes were revived in the corrupt Albanian state after the fall of the Communist dictatorship. A group of mediators gets involved, pressing the obstinate father to forgive her blood, revealing a complex history and motivations of all involved.

Film crew

Director: Marija Zidar
Screenwriter: Marija Zidar
D.O.P.: Latif Hasolli
Editor: Jurij Moškon, Latif Hasolli
Producer: Danijel Hočevar


Production Company: Vertigo
Co-production Company: Radiotelevizija Slovenija, javni zavod, Ljubljana, Dera Film
Technical support: Filmski studio Viba film Ljubljana
Co-funding: Creative Europe – MEDIA, Slovenski filmski center, javna agencija RS

Technical data

Film format: /
Aspect ratio: /
Colours: /
Sound: unknown