Growing up / Odraščanje (2017)

80 min / documentary feature, Feature Film

An intimate portrait of a newborn baby boy Tibor and his two mothers, Daja and Jedrt, who fight against the social discrimination of their family. They are the only homosexual parents to have taken an active part in the campaign for the same-sex marriage referendum that took place in Slovenia. The challenge of motherhood was exacerbated by Daja and Jedrt's political opponents, who have publicly accused them of paedophilia and labelled their relationship as unnatural.

Film crew

Director: Siniša Gačić, Dominik Mencej
Story editor: Katarina Morano
Music: Blaž Gracar
Editor: Andrej Nagode
Sound designer: Boštjan Kačičnik
Sound Assistant: Teo Rižnar
Producer: Siniša Gačić


Production Company: Zuhr Film
Co-funding: Slovenski filmski center, javna agencija RS

Technical data

Film format: /
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Colours: color
Sound: unknown