To Fly! / Leteti! (2016)

86min / documentary, Feature Film

Three ski flying hills are competing to be designated the largest in the world: Vikersund, Planica, and Kulm. All three feature a profile designed by Janez Gorišek. The hill in Planica, Slovenia, is the cradle of ski flying. When the hill designed by the Gorišek brothers was built in 1969, the world record was broken four times. After 1985, all new world records were set in Planica, until 2011, when Janez and his son Sebastjan helped modify the hill in Vikersund, Norway. In the qualification round, Johan Remen Evensen made the world's longest ski jump with 246.5 metres. Higher air density in Vikersund allows for longer jumps.

Film crew

Director: Amir Muratović
Screenwriter: Amir Muratović
D.O.P.: Bernard Perme
Producer: Jani Kovačič, Jaka Hemler
Head of Office: Andraž Pöschl


Production Company: Radiotelevizija Slovenija, javni zavod, Ljubljana

Technical data

Film format: HD file
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Colours: color
Sound: digital