Sotto / Sotto (2016)

9min 36s / experimental, Short Film

A short experimental documentary about human senses – what happens when one of them is missing and all others merge to replace it? The lm will explore the intensity of these senses through the perception of a disabled dancer.

Film crew

Director: Ina Ferlan
Screenwriter: Ina Ferlan
D.O.P.: Andac Karabeyoglu
Choreographer: Maša Kagao Knez
Production designer: Eva Ferlan
Costume Designer: Ina Ferlan, Andrej Vrhovnik
Editor: Andrej Nagode
Sound designer: Julij Zornik, Samo Jurca
Producer: Jerca Jerič, Andraž Jerič
Co-production Company: Ina Ferlan, Andac Karabeyoglu, Jerca Jerič


Production Company: Temporama
Co-production Company: 100, Iridium Film, Gustav film d.o.o.

Technical data

Film format: DCP
Aspect ratio: 1:1,85
Colours: color
Sound: 5.1