A Dream / Privid (2016)

112 min / fiction, Feature Film

After the war Marko, a former war reporter, moves from Ljubljana to Pristina, to work for an international organisation. One evening in a bar, he meets three girls: Shpresa, Besa and Hana. Shpresa seduces him with her untameable energy. Their heated affair is marked by her unusual emotional outbreaks, taking them both into a fatal whirl. Neither is fate approving of the relationship between Hana and Besa, although for entirely different reasons: Hana is afraid of the public response, knowing that in the patriarchal Kosovar society, a relationship between two girls is impossible.


Aude Le Pape
Aleksandar Rajaković
May-Linda Kosumovic
Alketa Sylay
Luan Jaha

Film crew

Director: Boštjan Slatenšek
Screenwriter: Boštjan Slatenšek, Aude Le Pape
D.O.P.: Ibrahim Deari
Music author: Bujar Berisha, Vojko Sfiligoj
Production designer: Ermal Sadiku
Costum design: Leonora Mehmeti
Editor: Boštjan Slatenšek, Luka Stopar, Svetlana Dramlić
Makeup Artist: Leonora Mehmeti
Sound designer: Muha Veseli, Borut Berden
Producer: Uroš Goričan


Production Company: Filrouge d.o.o.
Co-production Company: Studio Ritem d.o.o., DArt picture, AS Film Production
Technical support: FS Viba film Ljubljana
Co-funding: Slovenski filmski center, javna agencija RS

Technical data

Film format: DCP
Aspect ratio: 1:2,35
Colours: color
Sound: Dolby SR