Impressions Of A Drowned Man / Spomini utopljenca (2015)

82 min / fiction, Feature Film

Totally disconnected from his past and memory, the Passenger tries to define himself confronted by his pre-determined fate, a fate that he has to re-live upon every anniversary of his death.


Thodoris Pentidis
Christodoulos Martas
Marisha Triantafyllidou

Film crew

Director: Kyros Papavassiliou
Screenwriter: Kyros Papavassiliou, Yiorgos Zois, Maria Varnakkidou, Philippos Yiannikouris
D.O.P.: Konstantinos Othonos
Music author: Nikos Veliotis
Production designer: Andy Bargilly
Costum design: Notis Panagiotou, Konstantina Andreou
Editor: Yiannis Chalkiadakis
Makeup Artist: Alexandra Myta
Sound designer: Persefoni Miliou
Producer: Kyros Papavassiliou


Production Company: Drytee Films
Co-production Company: Filmblade, Restart production

Technical data

Film format: DCP
Aspect ratio: 1:1,85
Colours: color
Sound: digital