Prince Ki-Ki-Do, One Hundred Unhappy Mushrooms / Princ Ki-Ki-Do, Sto nesrečnih gobic (2014)

3' 51 / animation, Short Film

In a dark forest on top of a stone tower lives a small chick known as Prince Ki-Ki-Do, who is a fearless fighter for the rights of the forest inhabitants. One day, his morning tea is interrupted by a desperate cry. Ki-Ki-Do and his friends, the tiger mosquitoes Tine and Bine, rush in to help. The wanton sow Rosalia is romping through the forest, toppling all the little mushrooms. Quick as a wink, the party manages to save all hundred of them.


Violeta Tomič
Uroš Vuk
Vojko Sfiligoj

Film crew

Director: Grega Mastnak
Screenwriter: Peter Povh, Grega Mastnak
Animator: Anka Kočevar, Timon Leder, Grega Mastnak
Sound designer: Vojko Sfiligoj
Technical support: Jan Simončič

Technical data

Film format: /
Aspect ratio: /
Colours: /
Sound: unknown