The Right to Love / Pravica ljubiti (2013)

17 min / fiction, Short Film

Short film The right to love is a family drama, concerning a wide range of family interactions and ranges beyonnd the tipical idea of a family.

Mother Magda is ill. She has ALS (Amiotrophic lateral sclerosis). She is aware of the fact that she has only few more months to live (50% of the patients die in 18months), but her ability to speak will evaporate in few weeks, therefore she decides to gather her family and speak about the family secrets, which pressures and binds the whole family.

Not only that the whole family has trouble accepting Majda's ilness and certain soon to be death, Majda decides to use the time she has left in the right way, and does not tolerate any more secrets. Her husbant Jože is therefore forced to host his homosexual son Igor with his partner Hans and his addopted daughter Tončka, whom he did not see or talk to for several years. Igor's sister Nada (daughter of Magda and Jože) also has sudden unpredictable anger bursts.

Everything starts to make sense, when Magda uses her right to speak, which she is about to loose, to tell the long barried family secret: It is known, but not talked about, that Nada has had a baby at the age of 16. Magda arranged an adoption abroad. The fact that Jože does not know is, that Magda arranged for Igor and Hans to addopt the baby.

Therefore Jože finally has to face his resentment of his son and the gay community as well as the fact that his wife is becoming a disabled person, soon to be dead. Nada has to face her own decision and the possible resentment and outcast from fer father Jože, as wellas she has to face and meet her daughter after 3 years, Igor meets his father and takes a stand for his boundaries, family and dignity, and Magda has to take the responsibility of her own choice she has made in the past, not to counter versus her husband, when he decided to eliminate his own son based on his sexual orientation.

Some things need to be said, especially the ones we do not want to see or talk about, and the truth has to come out eventually in order to gain peace of mind and freedom.


Tisa Škabar
Jernej Šugman
Nika Rozman
Matej Puc
Ivo Ban
Saša Pavček

Film crew

Director: Barbara Zemljič
Screenwriter: Barbara Zemljič
D.O.P.: Miloš Srdić
Music: Silence / Primož Hladnik, Boris Benko
Production designer: Dušan Milavec
Costum design: Katja Hrobat
Editor: Ivana Fumić
Makeup Artist: Talija Ivančič
Sound designer: Boštjan Kačičnik
Producer: Branislav Srdić


Production Company: A Atalanta d.o.o.
Co-production Company: RTV Slovenija, NuFrame
Technical support: FS Viba film Ljubljana
Co-funding: Slovenski filmski center, javna agencija RS

Technical data

Film format: DCP
Aspect ratio: /
Colours: color
Sound: dolby Digital SRD