Mother Europe / Mama Evropa (2013)

90 min / documentary, Feature Film

A playful creative documentary confronting European borders and human lives that are strongly affected by them. With the help of fishermen, we search for the border in the Adriatic Sea, between Slovenia, Italy and Croatia. We watch a young anarchist band, exasperated at political issues between Macedonia and Greece… The characters are inventive individuals, who manage to circumvent external borders thanks to their ability to overcome their own internal boundaries. "Mother Europe is like a pearl necklace of unbelievable and at the same time absurd stories related to the borders that are constantly changing". Petra Seliškar


Terra Ferro Seliškar
Petra Seliškar
Boris Pahor
Branko Barič
Danilo Latin

Film crew

Director: Petra Seliškar
Screenwriter: Petra Seliškar, Terra Ferro Seliškar
D.O.P.: Brand Ferro
Music author: Vladimir Rakić
Animator: Katrin Ebersohn, Daniel Freymuller
Editor: Katrin Ebersohn
Sound designer: Vladimir Rakić
Sound recordist: Ivan Antić
Producer: Petra Seliškar, Brand Ferro


Production Company: Ppfp Doael Skopje, Petra pan film productions
Co-production Company: Iridium Film, Restart Slovenia, RTV Slovenija, Restart Croatia, Ppfp Doael Skopje
Co-funding: Macedonian Film Fund, Slovenski filmski center, javna agencija RS, RAI - Deželni sedež za Furlanijo Julijsko krajino - Trst, HAVC / Hrvatski audiovizualni centar, Ceska Televizie, RTV Slovenija

Technical data

Film format: HD Cam
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Colours: color
Sound: dolby Digital SRD