Wild one / Divji (2012)

documentary, Feature Film

In 1977, Philippe Ribiere is born in Martinique with the Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome. Abandoned by his parents, he is left to the hospital, where he is bound to spend the first four years of his life and undergo a series of arm and leg operations. He is alone and different. At the age of 4, he is taken to France to be adopted by a French family.In 1994, Philippe discovers climbing, which is much more of a challenge to him than it is to others. However, he also discovers how to turn his handicap into an advantage trough climbing and so make his way into the society. The story of Philippe Ribiere is a story of loneliness, searching for the answers, discovering of being different, it is a story of courage, will, fearlessness, freedom,seeking for love and overcoming the impossible.   http://vimeo.com/21855535  


Cyril Raoux
Oliver Laffont
Timmy O'Neal
Koichiro Kobayashi
Ronald Dickson
Philippe Ribiere

Film crew

Director: Jure Breceljnik
Screenwriter: Jure Breceljnik
Editor: Svetlana Dramlić
Sound designer: Marjan Drobnič
Producer: Jure Breceljnik, Kole Koliševski


Production Company: FILM IT d.o.o.
Co-production Company: Restart production, RTV Slovenija, Studio Ritem d.o.o.
Technical support: RTV Slovenija, Restart production
Co-funding: Slovenski filmski center, javna agencija RS

Technical data

Film format: HD Cam
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Colours: color
Sound: unknown