The Long Vacation / Dolge počitnice (2012)

80 min / documentary, Feature Film

Thirteen year-old Alex went on vacation to Serbia. For four years, he was unable to return home – to the country in which he was born. He stayed on “vacation" for twenty years.

Nisveta arrived from Bosnia thirty years ago. After Slovenia's independence, she gave birth to a daughter who did not officially exist for the first two years of her life. When she was a teenager, Katarina lost her parents, her flat, and her official identity…

The stories of three young people who were erased by the new-born state of Slovenia from all its records and registers in February 1992, just over half a year after it gained independence. They became so-called “erased" citizens, and so did approximately 20.000 others.


Aleksandar Jovanović
Katarina Keček (Stojanovič)
Nisveta Lovec

Film crew

Director: Damjan Kozole
Screenwriter: Irena Pan
D.O.P.: Rok Plešnar
Music author: Aleksandar Jovanović
Editor: Jurij Moškon
Producer: Danijel Hočevar
Co-producer: Jaka Hemler


Production Company: Vertigo
Co-production Company: RTV Slovenija
Technical support: FS Viba film Ljubljana
In cooperation with: E-Film
Co-funding: Slovenski filmski center, javna agencija RS

Technical data

Film format: DCP
Aspect ratio: /
Colours: color & b&w
Sound: dolby Digital SRD