Election Silence / Volilni molk (2009)

14 / fiction short, Short Film

Marjan is a cunning, middle aged opportunist politician, who believes that his charisma will never let him down. His world starts crumbling when his wife, Vera, decides to divorce him because she cannot tolerate his lies any more. Marjan, who is very touchy about his public image, which is the only instrument he has got left to preserve the reputation of his supposedly happy family in public, resorts to domestic violence. His wife Vera, in a desperate attempt to save herself and her daughter from their aggressive husband and father, asks her brother, Peter, who is a priest, to come to their rescue. They all gather at a family table for Christmas dinner, the dinner that none of them will ever be able to forget.


Valter Dragan
Polona Juh
Pina Bitenc
Dejan Spasić

Film crew

Director: Boris Petkovič
Screenwriter: Boris Petkovič
D.O.P.: Gilles Arnaud
Music author: Nino De Gleria
Production designer: Urša Loboda
Costum design: Jelena Proković
Editor: Jurij Moškon
Makeup Artist: Lia Ivančič
Sound: Julij Zornik, Gašper Loborec
Producer: Danijel Hočevar
Production Manager: Matija Kozamernik


Production Company: Vertigo
Co-production Company: RTV Slovenija
In cooperation with: E-Film, FS Viba film Ljubljana
Co-funding: Filmski sklad Republike Slovenije

Technical data

Film format: 35mm
Aspect ratio: 1:1,85
Colours: color
Sound: dolby Digital SRD