Beneath Her Window / Pod njenim oknom (2003)

90min / fiction TV feature, Feature Film

Duša is a young dancer and a dance teacher. Caught between a dominant mother, an absent father and a married lover, she is becoming entangled in a 30's life-crisis, the consequences of which are not fatal, of course. She grows up and decides: she dismisses the negligent lover, even though she is pregnant with his child. Even her super-confident and erotically frivolous mother is preparing for the role of a loving grandmother. However, the true reason for all change is someone who has been coming to her window for a while. From anonymous danger and voyeuristic distaste, the enamoured suitor is successfully nearing hear heart, restoring her hope in love of a man and in the purpose of life beyond youth


Polona Juh
Marjana Brecelj
Saša Tabaković
Robert Prebil
Zlatko Šugman
Tijana Zijanić
Jožica Avbelj
Andrej Nahtigal
Primož Petko Petkovšek

Film crew

Director: Metod Pevec
Screenwriter: Metod Pevec
D.O.P.: Žiga Koritnik
Music author: Aldo Kumar
Editor: Janez Bricelj
Producer: Danijel Hočevar
Production Manager: Andrej Štritof


Production Company: E-Motion film - Ljubljana
Distribution: Ljubljanski kinematografi d.o.o.

Technical data

Film format: digital betacam/35mm
Aspect ratio: 1:1,85
Colours: b&w & sephia
Sound: Dolby SR