Fabiani vs. Plečnik / Fabiani : Plečnik (2006)

82 min / documentary feature, Feature Film

Maks Fabiani and Jože Plečnik, the two most important Slovenian architects, were rivals. This documentary film reveals for the first time just how often their stories converged. It explores the stylistic similarities between their works and points out the instances when they copied from each other and stole each other's commissions, as well as bearing witness to their mutual respect. The urban planning of the Slovenian capital was mainly the work of Maks Fabiani, although we now speak of Plečnik's Ljubljana. Only in the later years of their lives did they become friends again. Over a glass of wine they agreed that whoever lived longer would write the others obituary. The task fell to Fabiani; in 1958 he wrote the obituary, a year after Plečnik's death.

Film crew

Director: Amir Muratović
Screenwriter: Amir Muratović
D.O.P.: Marko Kočevar
Music: Borut Kržišnik
Editor: Amir Muratović
Sound designer: Robert Sršen, Brane Atanaskovič, Samo Kozlevčar, France Velkavrh, Frane Povirk, Marko Tajič
Cameraman: Marko Kočevar


Producer: TV Slovenija
Production Company: TV Slovenija
Co-funding: Ministrstvo za kulturo RS

Technical data

Film format: digital betacam
Aspect ratio: /
Colours: color
Sound: unknown