Family / Družina (2017)

106 min / documentary feature, Feature Film

Born into a special needs family in a peripheral village of a peripheral country, Matej is yet so very different – different from otherness as well as normality – so as to seem as if he had escaped the determination of his environment. However, his fate catches up as he and his girlfriend have a daughter, soon to be followed by the disintegration of their relationship. A custody battle ensues, until Matej decides to make a radical exit from the vicious circle of his family as well as life in general.

A reality film covering a decade, The Family is a search for feelings rather than sensationalism. A film without a script, yet with a host of co-writers, both human and inhuman.


Matej Rajk
Nia Kastelec
Barbara Kastelec
Alenka Rajk
Mitja Rajk
Boris Rajk
Ivka Gruden
Emanoela Škulj
Robert Krese
Aleksej Kastelec

Film crew

Director: Rok Biček
D.O.P.: Rok Biček
Editor: Rok Biček, Yulia Roschina
Sound designer: Julij Zornik
Producer: Rok Biček, Erna Gorše Biček


Production Company: Cvinger film
Co-production Company: Zwinger film, Radiotelevizija Slovenija, javni zavod, Ljubljana
Co-funding: Filmski studio Viba film Ljubljana, Austrian Film Institute, Slovenski filmski center, javna agencija RS

Technical data

Film format: DCP
Aspect ratio: 1:1,85
Colours: color
Sound: digital