Transition / Prehod (2008)

90min / fiction feature, Feature Film

The painter Vlado, in an ecstatic trance, draws a portrait of an unfamiliar woman. He cannot believe his eyes when the woman, Tanja, whom he has never met, shows up at the opening of his exhibition. He is even more surprised to find her at the side of Izidor, his childhood friend, and to have a mysterious art dealer from Trieste Memo Turner offer him to buy his paintings. The opening scene ends spectacularly with a murder and Izidors disappearance. A seemingly accidental encounter triggers a fatal attraction between Tanja and Vlado, which draws him into a vortex of unusual and inexplicable events. Following Tanja to Trieste, he finds himself in the maze of a mysterious organisation called ZOM, among whose members are Tanja and the missing Izidor. The Trieste branch of ZOM is led by Rebecca, a woman who has a special hold on Vlado. As he investigates a series of mysterious suicides and sinks deeper and deeper into a trap, the truth about Izidor seems ever more remote, and his love for Tanja ever more unattainable. ZOM enters every pore of his life and it seems that there is no escape from the deadly embrace of uncompromising and dangerous manipulation


Jure Ivanušič
Iva Krajnc
Anita Kravos
Matjaž Tribušon
Svetozar Cvetković
Uroš Smolej

Film crew

Director: Boris Palčič
Screenwriter: Vladimir Nardin, Franci Slak, Boris Palčič
D.O.P.: Radovan Čok
Music: Dragana Jovanović
Production designer: Urša Loboda
Costum design: Bjanka Adžić Ursulov
Editor: Andrija Zafranović, Jurij Moškon
Makeup Artist: Tina Lasič Andrejević
Sound designer: Julij Zornik, Martin Schinz
Special visual effects: Ivan Šijak, Dušan Jovovič
Producer: Branislav Srdić


Production Company: A Atalanta - Ljubljana
Co-production Company: RTV Slovenija
Co-funding: A Atalanta - Ljubljana, Filmski sklad Republike Slovenije

Technical data

Film format: 35mm
Aspect ratio: 1:2,35
Colours: color
Sound: dolby Digital SRD