The Second Generation / Druga generacija (2006)

50min / documentary TV film, Short TV Documentary / Short TV Drama

"I am Slovene ... yet I am not." They were born in Slovenia but are growing up in a solid family community that is from "down below". Their parents, and maybe even grandparents, stopped here just for few months. They looked for jobs, a more comfortable life. This very temporariness, the feeling they will once go back to places of former Yugoslavia, move into houses they are building there, has made their homes small enclaves, where different culture is being kept, different language is spoken, it appears they are not a part of this community. Some parts of Ljubljana have become ghettos; there, the Slovenian language is in minority. This is a parallel world.

Film crew

Director: Amir Muratović
Screenwriter: Amir Muratović
Music author: Hazemina Đonlić
Editor: Amir Muratović
Sound recordist: Brane Atanaskovič, Marjan Cimperman, Frane Povirk, Robert Sršen


Production Company: TV Slovenija
Distribution: TV Slovenija
World Sales: TV Slovenija

Technical data

Film format: digital betacam
Aspect ratio: /
Colours: color
Sound: unknown