The Film Before the Altar / Film pred oltarjem (2006)

53min / documentary TV film, Short TV Documentary / Short TV Drama

After war, the young totalitarian authority was afraid of Jesuits that had good connections all over the world, even in the countries, Slovenian political immigrants fled to. They were accused of hostile activities, put to a framed-up trial and their spiritual home and church at the Zrinjskega Street in Ljubljana was taken from them. Who could possibly need a huge, cold, consecrated, and non-acoustic building with disputed proprietorship? They put Leninճ favourite art into the church – the film. They killed two birds with one stone; filmmakers did not have to build an expensive studio, Jesuits were given a very unpleasant penance, and they showed to the Church an example of ideological determination.

Film crew

Director: Metod Pevec
Screenwriter: Metod Pevec
D.O.P.: Simon Tanšek
Editor: Janez Bricelj
Sound designer: Boštjan Kačičnik
Sound recordist: Jože Trtnik
Producer: Frenk Celarc
Co-producer: Dimitrij Gračnar, Danijel Hočevar


Production Company: E-Motion film - Ljubljana
Co-production Company: TV Slovenija, Gustav film d.o.o.
Distribution: E-Motion film - Ljubljana
World Sales: E-Motion film - Ljubljana

Technical data

Film format: S16mm/betacam
Aspect ratio: 1:1,77
Colours: color
Sound: Dolby Stereo