Estrellita / Estrellita –pesem za domov (2006)

90min / fiction feature, Feature Film

When the famous violinist Mihael Fabiani suddenly dies, he leaves behind not only a valuable violin but also some touchy secrets that, when revealed, deeply affect his widow Dora. Emotionally broken, she gives the violin to a talented boy from a poor family. The boy makes great progress with the violin, and Dora on the other side is happy that the soul of the instrument continues living. However, the spoiled and frustrated Fabiani's son Julijan appears, and he is only after the great financial value of the old Italian violin, that is of course also his legitimate inheritance. The conflict between romance and money becomes nasty and its front line spreads. And then the unexpected love at first makes things more complicated and finally disarms both sides. Of course love is not as simple anyway. It is just like music; some believe and others do not.


Silva Čušin
Marko Kovačević
Senad Bašić
Mediha Musliović
Karin Komljanec
Tadej Troha
Ana Temeljotov

Film crew

Director: Metod Pevec
Screenwriter: Metod Pevec
Screenplay Consultant: Abdulah Sidran, Gareth Jones
D.O.P.: Axel Schneppat
Music author: Nino de Gleria, Mario Schneider
Production designer: Katja Šoltes
Costume Designer: Sabina Buždon
Editor: Janez Bricelj
Makeup Artist: Aljana Hajdinjak
Sound designer: Olaf Mehl, Holger Lehmann, Sebastian Schmidt, Thomas Neumann
Sound recordist: Jože Trtnik
Producer: Danijel Hočevar, Alexander Ris, Joerg Rothe
Co-producer: Davor Pušić, Tomi Salkovski
Production Manager: Matija Kozamernik


Production Company: E-Motion film - Ljubljana, Vertigo
Co-production Company: TV Slovenija, Filmsko studio - Skopje, F.I.S.T. produkcija, Sarajevo, Mediopolis Berlin / Leipzig, Sisters and brother Mitevski production, TV Sarajevo Sarajevo

Technical data

Film format: 35mm
Aspect ratio: 1:1,85
Colours: color
Sound: dolby Digital SRD