The Faces From Marijenišče / Obrazi iz Marijanišča (2000)

55min / TV documentary short, Short Film

Back then the boarding school was called Marijanišče. Only in 1946 the institution, which was founded in the 19th century by the Society of Saint Vincent, got a new administration, name and goal of boarding school upbringing: »Our youths are, besides the Soviet youths, to become the freest in the World. « Among the pupils were now prominent Slovene literary figures like Janez Menart, Ciril Zlobec, Dane Zajc, Saša Vuga and Lojze Kovačič. Their literary gazette was banned after a few issues, but their first plunge into literature is closely linked with their lives in the boarding school.

Film crew

Director: Helena Koder
Screenwriter: Helena Koder
D.O.P.: Janez Kališnik
Music author: Urban Koder
Editor: Milan Miloševič
Sound designer: Igor Laloš
Sound recordist: Frane Povirk


Co-producer: TV Slovenija
Production Company: Vertigo

Technical data

Film format: 16mm
Aspect ratio: 1:1,37
Colours: color
Sound: unknown