Slovenia, Australia and Tomorrow the World / Slovenija, Avstralija in jutri ves svet (2017)

116 min / fiction, Feature Film

A story of a family and the pursuit of happiness in the world of business. Boris is a married man and a father of two. He works as an electricity technician in a large manufacturing company, the only member of his family to have a regular job. His wife, Vesna, is unemployed and cannot find work except for short-term employments. Boris harbours hope that not all is lost yet, dreaming of providing for his family and giving them a life free of worry. He finds incentive in the business model of Cosmica, a new kind of company dealing with sales, consulting and investments in securities. The company promises its members a chance to make some money on the side and a new hope sparks in Boris's heart. However, success doesn't come overnight and soon, Boris finds himself torn between the elusive idea of success in business and the needs of his family. Boris starts an affair that puts even more strain on his life, jeopardising his marriage.


Jure Ivanušič
Minca Lorenci
Aljoša Ternovšek
Mojca Simonič
Milada Kalezić
Vlado Novak

Film crew

Director: Marko Naberšnik
Screenwriter: Marko Naberšnik
D.O.P.: Miloš Srdić
Music: Igor Vasilev
Production designer: Miha Ferkov
Costum design: Jana Čoh
Editor: Jan Lovše
Makeup Artist: Goran Ignjatovski
Sound designer: Sašo Kalan
Producer: Andrej Štritof, Aleš Pavlin
Co-producer:  Robert Naskov


Production Company: Perfo d.o.o.

Technical data

Film format: DCP
Aspect ratio: 1,85:1
Colours: color
Sound: 5.1